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Get the Body You Want in the New Year with SculpSure

Even when you’re doing everything right, getting regular exercise, and sticking to a healthy diet, you can find yourself stuck with stubborn pockets of fat that keep you from having the body you desire.

Love handles and muffin tops are names of common areas that are notorious for storing resistant fat that lingers despite all the time you’re putting in at the gym. If you find yourself in this situation, SculpSure can provide a non-invasive solution for getting your ideal body in the new year.

Through his Virginia Beach practice, Epitome Medical Aesthetics, Dr. Norman Gonzales offers the latest in body sculpting with SculpSure®, cutting-edge treatment for reducing body fat. Now you can attain a slimmer, smoother body without surgery. With SculpSure, Dr. Gonzales can refine your body contour down to the finest detail.

What is Sculpsure®?

SculpSure is a smarter way to sculpt your body to achieve a natural-looking, slimmer appearance for the new year. The SculpSure system is a laser technology that delivers precise energy to the treatment area that raises the temperature of fat cells to roughly 115 degrees. The laser destroys up to 24% of fat cells in the targeted area without surgery or cutting. Once the fat cells are destroyed, your body’s natural detoxification system removes them for good.

Fat removal versus weight loss

When you achieve fat loss from diet and exercise, fat cells shrink, but can expand again. With SculpSure, the fat cells removed from the treatment area will not return. This means if you gain a small amount of weight in the future, you will remain smaller because you have fewer fat cells.

Fast results

Reshaping and transforming your body has never been easier. SculpSure takes about 25 minutes per treatment area. There’s no anesthesia or extensive preparation necessary. Dr. Gonzales can quickly treat each area and have you in and out of the office in no time. After treatment, you can return to work, the gym, and your normal daily activities immediately.

Customizable treatment

SculpSure is a completely customizable system. Dr. Gonzales will work to develop an individualized treatment plan to meet your goals. The plan will address trouble spots in the thighs, flanks, abdomen, and back, and help you to achieve your ideal appearance.

The SculpSure device can treat multiple body areas at once, for better results in a shorter time than other laser technologies. Experience effective fat loss tailored to you.

What to expect during treatment

The surface of your skin will remain unharmed as the applicator delivers controlled energy to the fat cells in the treatment area. Most patients describe the feeling as a tingling sensation. You should not feel any pain.

The SculpSure system features a Contact Cooling to keep you comfortable during your treatment. You will sit or lay comfortably depending on the area being treated, while the SculpSure device goes to work destroying unwanted fat.

Benefits of SculpSure Fat Removal System

The SculpSure system offers a host of benefits, including:

It's possible to achieve a slimmer, more sculpted appearance with the help of Sculpsure. Learn why men and women everywhere are highly satisfied with SculpSure technology. Finally achieve the improved contour you want. Call our office to schedule your initial consultation with Dr. Gonzales or book your request conveniently online using our web form.  

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