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Body Sculpting

Epitome Medical Aesthetic

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In 2017, more than 180,000 men and women in the U.S. availed themselves of laser body sculpting, making it the third most popular nonsurgical cosmetic procedure. At Epitome Medical Aesthetics LLC, Norman Gonzales, MD, offers fat reduction and skin tightening to his patients in Virginia Beach, Virginia, helping them put the finishing touches on their weight loss efforts. If you’d like to find out more about the exciting technology in body sculpting, call or request an appointment using the online scheduler.

Body Sculpting Q & A

How does body sculpting work?

Throughout your life, you generally carry the same number of fat cells in your body. When you gain or lose weight, the fat cells in your body expand or decrease in size, but not in number.

This point is important when it comes to body sculpting because Dr. Gonzales is able to target and treat your fat cells for good.


Using WarmSculpting with SculpSure®, which is FDA-cleared for fat reduction, Dr. Gonzales directs a laser energy below your skin, without harming the surface area, that heats up and targets your fat cells. Your body then takes over and flushes out the dead cells through your lymphatic system.


In addition to WarmSculpting with SculpSure, Dr. Gonzales also offers TempSure®, which delivers radiofrequency energy below your skin to spur collagen production. This collagen boost tightens your skin, helping firm up your more “jiggly” bits.


What areas can be sculpted?

WarmSculpting with SculpSure and TempSure are safe to use almost anywhere on your body, including your:


  • Inner thighs
  • Buttocks
  • Abdomen
  • Upper arms
  • Back
  • Above your knee
  • Under your chin (which is also called the submental area)


WarmSculpting with SculpSure is ideal for stubborn pockets of fat that diet and exercise don’t seem to touch.


How many treatments do I need?

During your initial consultation at Epitome Medical Aesthetics, Dr. Gonzales sits down with you to review the areas you want to address. It’s important to note that WarmSculpting with SculpSure is not a weight loss technique, but a body sculpting procedure that puts the final touches on your weight loss program.


Most patients usually undergo a series of three to five treatments for maximum results. Each treatment lasts only 25 minutes, and there’s no downtime afterward, which means you’re free to return to your normal activities.

When will I see results?

Since WarmSculpting with SculpSure works with your body, your results will reveal themselves gradually as your body flushes out the treated fat cells. Each of your treatments is spaced several weeks apart to allow this process to happen, and you’ll get to your optimal results within six to 12 weeks after your last session.

If you’re looking for the final push in your weight loss efforts, call Epitome Medical Aesthetics to learn more about body sculpting and skin tightening. Or you can fill out the form online to request a consultation. The practice also offers same-day appointments when available.

*Individual results may vary